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Our top 5 reasons
Why to buy an inflatable SUP
By Ride The Tide
Many people ask us why buy an inflatable SUP over a traditional fibreglass SUP. While we love our Ride The Tide fiberglass SUPS, there are just some times when our inflatable SUPS are our go-to SUP for the day. Here’s our top 5 reasons and why you might consider adding an inflatable to your SUP collection or as a first time SUP’er choose one over a fiberglass SUP.
inflatable sup
1. They’re Super Compact!
Our Ride The Tide Inflatable SUPS fold up to fit into a backpack. This neat feature of an inflatable SUP is perfect for when we travel overseas or go travelling and are tight on space. They are great for transporting if you don’t have roof racks also as you can easily fit them in the boot of your car.
Carry SUP Bag
2. Exploring Just Got More Exciting!
Ever had to say no to a SUP spot that you thought would be amazing because you couldn’t get to it with a fiberglass board? An inflatable SUP has no limits on where you can go and what new adventures you may want to have. The best places we have SUP’ed in have been the hard to reach places that our inflatable SUPS allowed us to. Widen your SUP experience with an inflatable – trust us!
Explore with your SUP
3. They Aren’t So Sensitive!
Ever get a little precious with your fibreglass SUP especially around the kids, dog or when you are out boating or camping? Yep, we’ve been there! Our Ride The Tide Inflatable SUPS take a beating and you won’t feel a single ounce of O.M.G! Made from a military grade PVC, reinforced seams and high quality construction that would even take your car running over it, our inflatable SUPs are super durable and won’t ding or scratch.
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4. Stability Is Key!
Our Ride The Tide Inflatable paddle boards are extremely stable and take more weight compared to our fibreglass boards. Why you ask? Because they have more volume than a standard fibreglass board. More volume = more stability.
So if you want stability purely for more confidence out on the water, you want to take your kids or dog out paddling or want to pop an esky on board with your fishing gear to try your hand at SUP fishing then an inflatable SUP is a the perfect board for you!
board stability
5. Storage Options Galore!
Our Ride The Tide SUPS have multiple storage solutions to allow you to go on long paddles or try your hand at SUP fishing. Bungy straps are there to hold things down while our multiple D-ring points allow you to strap on an Esky and other gear to go fishing. Get into spots other fishing enthusiasts can’t and take your game to the next level.
Sup Bungy straps