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Best Places To SUP – Moruya NSW
Let’s Explore!
By Ride The Tide
This week on our blog we take a look at the beautiful area of Moruya on the South Coast of NSW to take your paddle board and go for a SUP, or perhaps even make a weekend of it.
Paddle Length
A favourite spot for our SUP Ambassador VJ, Moruya is a gem of a place with a number of different locations to drop in your SUP and go for a leisurely paddle.
Paddle Length
The majestic Moruya River is a calm spot to take in the surroundings which leads you so the open ocean where you can paddle around to Shelley Beach.
Marine Life
Along the way you will pass Quandolo Island and you may even see some marine life such as sting rays in the shallows, dolphins and beyond Shelley Beach, whales during migration season. Be sure to also check out the Moruya Heads lookout, a superb vantage point for whale watching.
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Getting There
Getting to Moruya is easy. The drive south from Sydney is four hours and from Canberra a little over two hours. You can also pack your inflatable SUP and fly in to Moruya Airport from Sydney and rent a car.
Hand Position