Little Beach WA
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Little Beach, WA
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Best Places To SUP – Little Beach WA
If you're looking for a romantic Stand Up Paddle Board find your way to the small port city of Albany on WA's southern coast. You might be surprised to stumble upon what may be one of the world's most stunning beach hideaways.
Little Beach may be diminutive in name and size, but certainly not in appeal. The stretch's powdery white sand, clear waters and distinct lack of tourists − all set against rugged coastline − make this a setting lifted straight from a postcard and the perfect romantic SUP getaway.
Little Beach
Little beach is part of the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, which features rugged granite coastal cliffs and dunes that shelter two coastal lakes.
Some of the world’s most spectacular beaches are located right here in Two People's Bay in Australia and Little Beach in WA is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for Stand Up Paddle Boarding and it’s also a very well-kept secret... But not for long!
A remarkable and hugely significant place, this stretch of Southern Ocean coastline in WA’s southwest is steeped in history. The surrounding bushland has great ecological value and both remain largely untouched and breathtakingly beautiful.
Little Beach is in easy reach of nearby Albany which is also home to more jaw dropping hidden beaches for a SUP. A 35km sealed road transports you to this beach-haven for some of Australia’s rarest wildlife and a place long known for its natural importance.
Once you arrive at Little Beach, you will immediately feel like you are in your very own piece of paradise with it's remote and secluded feel as you look east across Two Peoples Bay towards Mount Manypeaks as you go for a paddle.
With its clear waters and stunning coastal scenery, Little Beach makes a big impression and on a perfect day would be the most beautiful place to take your Stand Up Paddle Board for a paddle or just for whiling away the hours enjoying the scenery.
Little Beach
The stunning blue turquoise waters with the dramatic contrast between light and dark blue hues and pristine white sandy beaches make this a stunning beach to visit and explore with your SUP. The spectacular rock formations that dot the area and the rugged coastland are just an added bonus to the beauty of this beach.
It’s one of those rare beaches that are possibly even more beautiful on a gloomy overcast day, because the water has the clarity of glass and turns the most beautiful pale shade of turquoise under a grey sky.
So when you plan your next romantic getaway with your loved one and SUP's make sure to check out Little Beach in Western Australia. You won't be disappointed!
Little Beach Sunset
If you go, here are a few tips:
- Visit the facilities at the visitor centre, not at the actual beach ...
- It’s a national park so beware of snakes.