Ride The Tide - Top 10 Tips To Keeping SUP Fresh & Fun!
Top 10 Tips To Keeping SUP Fresh & Fun!
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Top 10 Tips To Keeping SUP Fresh & Fun!
Let us take you back to your very first SUP experience when you felt the glide of your stand up paddle board on the water? This was the moment when you thought it was just about one of the most amazing experiences you have ever had!
From then on, all you could do was think about what you needed to do to somehow get your hands on your first SUP and paddle. You swore you'd be on the water every day and that stand up paddle would be a priority in your life. You would live and breathe SUP, nothing would stand in your way!
If you still are managing to SUP regularly and still enjoying your time on your board - Great! If however, the past few months have resulted in less time on the water than you thought then it may be time to change your SUP routine up a little and find the spark that you had for SUP when you first started!
Like any type of sport, sometimes you just need a little fresh motivation to kick your love of SUP back into gear! Here are our Top 10 tips to help you fall in love with SUP all over again!
1. Try a totally new location
It may be time to pack up your car with your SUP gear and travel to a completely different location. Sometimes we get so accustomed to our same local spot that we forget there are so many other SUP locations to try. This can get very boring after a while! Maybe try a lake instead of the beach. A river that meanders through the countryside. Make a road trip out of it in search of a secret location.
2. Join a SUP group, begin your own or recruit friends
Paddling alone can get old so why not join a local SUP group or better still invite someone to come along on your paddle and get your friends interested. There are many SUP groups that are always looking for new members to paddle with and it will broaden your horizons. If you have a dog, why not take them out for a SUP? It is a fun experience for you and your best mate will love it too!
3. Rent, borrow or buy a different board
Sometimes it's fun and exciting to try different equipment. Stand Up Paddle Boards are definitely not all made equally and you may want to change it up occasionally to allow you to try different conditions and locations.
4. Set some new goals
Why not try your hand at a SUP race or SUP surf competition? Training and preparing for competition can encourage a renewed motivation to get out and try new techniques, help with other fitness goals and give you a long term goal to work towards. There are so many different SUP community paddles, races and endurance paddles available now that anyone can join. Even beginner level paddlers can join!
5. Join SUP classes
There are many new types of stand up paddle classes popping up including SUP exercise classes and SUP yoga classes. You can also join racing clinics that will teach you valuable techniques to enhance your paddling and make your SUP more rewarding.
6. Plan a SUP trip overseas
There is nothing stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone and planning a dedicated SUP holiday in a totally different country. Jumping on a plane and going somewhere exotic or to a landscape you always have wanted to see like the Grand Canyon. Now that would be amazing to experience on a stand up paddle board!
7. Attend a SUP event
SUP is becoming so popular that there are local events happening all across Australia more and more frequently! Find a local event and tap into the fun and buzz of joining in with others who share your passion. Some are casual events and some are more serious. Pick what suits you and your SUP level and get started!
8. Talk to other Paddle Boarders
Sometimes it's nice to find others that love SUP too! Join Facebook groups and find out what others are doing, where they go and why. Experienced SUP'ers are always happy to pass on their knowledge and answer questions that we all generally have about SUP.
9. Try a different genre of SUP
If all you have done since beginning SUP is flat water paddling then of course you may be bored! Why not try your skills in some small surf. What about river sup and make a full day of exploring? SUP Yoga is amazing and if you already do you yoga, it may just be the challenge you are seeking!
10. Teach someone and share the stoke
It's always fun to introduce someone to SUP who has never tried it before. It's exciting for them and this really does remind you how fun and amazing it is. As you watch them fall in love with stand up paddling you too will feel the "stoke" all over again!
What tips have you got to keep your love of SUP fresh and fun? Share them with us and other SUP'ers in our comments below.