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Happy winter solstice!
SUP days are getting longer!
By Ride The Tide
Happy Winter Solstice! Today is the shortest day of the year for the Southern Hemisphere, and we are looking forward to longer days from here on for our paddle boarding.
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This astronomical phenomenon occurs each year in June as the Earth orbits the Sun. The Earth is tilted at a fixed orientation in space at about 23 degrees and at some point the top of the Earth is closer to the Sun than the bottom of the Earth. The Southern Hemisphere is at the point where it is further from the Sun.
Moving forward today, the days will now get longer as the Earth continues to orbit and the Southern Hemisphere moving closer to the Sun each day approaching the summer solstice.
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Each year for the Southern Hemisphere the winter solstice - the shortest day, falls between 20-22 June. Between 20-22 December the summer solstice occurs - the longest day.
The word solstice means Sun still. The Sun stands still in the sense that it’s northern and southern journey stops.
The winter solstice is also a celebration that the days are getting longer. If we go back in history, the winter solstice was a cosmic event marking the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Ancient cultures would line up at the standing stones of Stonehenge where the sunset is aligned in stone gateway on winter solstice. Scandinavian and Germanic groups in northern Europe called the winter solstice Yule, a 12-day celebration dedicated to the reawakening of nature, and offered sacrifices to their gods in hopes of abundant spring crops. Because of the increased darkness, families would burn logs for more light, which is where we get the concept of Yule logs.
Longer hours of daylight are here!
Even today, there is an inherent desire for most people to celebrate the shortest day of the year. For us, days are getting longer, there is more daylight to go for a SUP and summer is almost here again! So let’s celebrate!
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Here’s a few winter solstice facts:
1. Your noontime shadow will be the longest of the year because of the sun’s low position.
2. While it’s the shortest day, it won’t be the earliest sunset.
3. Solstices tend to have the longest sunsets.
4. Each solstice marks a “turning” of the year.
So why not get out on your paddle board for a beautiful sunset paddle and celebrate the winter solstice, the turning of the year and the coming of longer, warmer days!