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autumn & winter
By Ride The Tide
Autumn has come and we couldn't be more excited! Dust off your SUP and get out on the water to experience the best days we have to paddle board.
While most think Autumn and Winter are not the ideal months for Paddle Boarding or even getting into SUP - think again! Here's why...
1. The weather is not that bad...really!
Living in Australia, most of us still are enjoying mild temperatures lingering around the low 20's. Further North it's basically Summer still! The conditions are calmer, the sunrises and sunsets more beautiful and the water just seems more clearer. If you're worried about cold feet, buy some booties to keep your feet warm. Don't let a little drop in temperature stop you from experiencing this perfect time of year.
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2. Less traffic. More space
There are less people out on the water at this time of year so you are able to enjoy the peace and tranquility. Summer brings everyone to the beach and sometimes it gets a little crowded in your favourite SUP location. Take this opportunity to be the only soul out in the water. You'll be surprised at how much more relaxing it is when you feel like you are the only one out on your SUP.
3. A great time to learn
If you have been thinking about buying a SUP, now is the best time to learn. With weather conditions nearing perfection, you will find it much easier to master the basics and become a competent Paddle Boarder. It's also great incentive not to fall in! By Summer, you will be able to enjoy your new sport, start exploring new places and take on new SUP adventures while others are just learning.
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4. Get your Summer body now
While you are having fun out on your SUP you will also be keeping very active during the cold months. Stand up paddle boarding will be giving you a great low-impact cardio workout, toning your arms, legs, torso and creating a strong core. You'll be feeling fit and healthy as soon as Summer rolls in!
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5. New things to see
Seasons brings change. Where we paddle we are able to see the reefs so much clearer in Winter. This also includes the marine life you will encounter. You will see so many beautiful marine animals during the colder months that you never see in Summer. Don't miss what others are witnessing. Get out and explore!
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We’ll get you out on the water!
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